Concrete To Style Your Client’s Home

A Look Into Design Strategies For Your Clients Concrete as a material has quite a long history since it was first invented in 1,300 BC. Ever since then, this material has remained an important part not only of architecture but also of home decor. Especially in recent years, concrete home decor has become very popular. […]

benefits of concrete flooring

A Look Into Design Strategies For Your Clients

Concrete as a material has quite a long history since it was first invented in 1,300 BC. Ever since then, this material has remained an important part not only of architecture but also of home decor. Especially in recent years, concrete home decor has become very popular.

This is because many people have realized that concrete has a unique type of style and charm that most other materials can’t achieve. But how can you use concrete when experimenting with home decor for your clients? Keep reading and learn more about it below.

Why Is Concrete Used In Styling Homes?

Concrete is used in styling homes for a variety of reasons. For one, concrete is a very sturdy material. There are few things that can destroy concrete floors or other concrete accessories.

The only danger has to do with cracks eventually forming. Concrete floors have a higher risk of cracking, especially when exposed to excessive moisture. These floors may also crack if the ground beneath them shifts too much.

However, other than that, using concrete in your home is a great idea and the results should last quite a while.

Recent Trends In Concrete Design

There are many trends that have popped up involving concrete design. As mentioned before, concrete floors have become quite popular since they are very modern and stylish. However, there are other ideas involving concrete that might inspire you.

Concrete pavers have become quite popular as well as concrete countertops and even certain types of concrete furniture. The possibilities are virtually endless when using concrete as a material in the realm of home decor.

As long as the concrete decorations are constructed properly, they should last a long time and look great for many years to come.

What Types of Concrete Can Be Used?

There are many different types of concrete available, but that doesn’t mean that they should all be used for home decor. Normal concrete is one of the most popular options since it is easy and cheap to make and is quite durable. There are also very strong types of concrete that have to be specially treated.

For example, there is reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, high-density concrete, and more. These types of concrete are not often used in home decor for a variety of reasons. For one, they are unnecessarily strong and won’t serve much of a purpose since they are only going to be used as decor.

Another reason is that they are quite expensive. For that reason, it would not be economical to use them as part of your home decor ideas. Instead, using regular concrete is usually your best bet.

Concrete Design Options Your Client May Request

Concrete paths, pavers, and bricks are all very popular options. These designs can look like much more expensive materials such as natural stone or brick when in reality, they are all made of concrete. There are also different shades of concrete to choose from.

In general, concrete floors are the most popular out of any other type of concrete design. However, you may get the occasional request for other types of concrete designs or objects such as concrete countertops and so on. But what else can you do with concrete?

Concrete on Walls and Floors

As mentioned before, using concrete for flooring is very popular. However, not many people realize that concrete can also be used to decorate walls. Thin layers of concrete have to be used for this, otherwise, the wall might become too heavy or the concrete might threaten to fall.

Concrete walls also have many interesting design options that tend to make them look like bricks or pieces of stone.

Framing Your Client’s Fireplace

A fireplace on its own can be quite a sad sight. But when you add concrete to the mix, you can make that fireplace look much more interesting and stylish.

A popular way to do this is to add concrete bricks around the fireplace. This will make it look much more rustic and it will frame the fireplace quite nicely.

Concrete Countertops

A concrete countertop may sound strange, but it has become quite popular in recent years. Concrete countertops are very smooth and minimalistic which is one of the factors that makes them so attractive to many people.

They are also very durable and can withstand all sorts of damage that might be encountered in the kitchen or other areas.

Functional Furniture

When concrete decor comes to mind, you might not think of functional furniture, but it certainly is a valid option. Because concrete furniture is quite heavy, it is generally not very mobile.

Instead, concrete chairs and tables can make for very nice and stylish additions to a patio or other large space.

Concrete Accessories

The world of concrete accessories is endless. Your client might ask for concrete lamp posts, concrete fences, railings, stepping stones, and more. Whatever the case, the result will surely be stylish.

Consulting a Concrete Supplier

Before getting started with concrete home decor, it is always necessary to consult with a concrete supplier. Such a supplier will ensure that you have all the right materials sorted out and that those materials will be used properly.

The Takeaway: Concrete Home Decor

Concrete home decor is more popular than it ever was before. It can be used for all sorts of things such as floors, walls, countertops, furniture, and more since it is so naturally stylish.

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