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A.L. Blair Construction has quarries and pits throughout Eastern Ontario, with locations in Apple Hill, Dunvegan, Embrun, St. Albert, Osnabruck Centre, Finch, Monkland, Moose Creek, and Winchester.

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A.L. Blair Construction supplies quality construction supplies of aggregates necessary for the successful completion of any project. We offer the following products through our various locations:

Any of our products can be picked up and delivered by an experienced loader operator or by one of A.L.Blair’s highly trained and skilled truck drivers.

Road Construction

A.L. Blair Construction has been in the business of roadway construction throughout the Eastern Ontario landscape since 1932. We have experience in excavation, road base construction, drainage installation, and the supply of granulars, concrete, and other construction aggregates.

Some of the numerous projects we have completed:

  • Supply stone for Hwy. 417 (from Casselman to the Quebec border)
  • Hwy. 138 & Hwy. 31
  • Route 200, Russell
  • School, commercial, and industrial parking areas
  • County Rd. 23, in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, & Glengarry
  • Supply stone for local Township road resurfacing


A.L. Blair owns and operates a large fleet of tandem, tri-axle trailer, and belly dump gravel trucks that enable the distribution of crushed stone to any location or project.

Site Maintenance

A.L. Blair Construction has prepared sites for several larger projects in the area, including schools, parking lots, and numerous large department stores in the region.

Equipment Rentals

We offer the rental of several pieces of heavy equipment for use in any complex construction project. Available heavy equipment includes (but is not limited to) bulldozers, front-end loaders, shovels, rock trucks, generators, graders, and rollers.

Custom Crushing

We offer two primary crushing options, depending on the silicate content of the rock in question. Depending on the material, we have both a primary jar crusher and an impact crusher to meet your needs. Several secondary set ups are available to meet the exact specification of stone required for the project at hand.

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We are a multi task company providing services from trucking to custom crushing.

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