Protecting Concrete Products from Wear

Concrete companies can help maintain your concrete products to keep them looking fresh

Concrete Companies Offer Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Mix

Quick: what’s the most-used human-made material in the world? Much to the pride of concrete companies, the answer is, in fact, concrete.

From around 500 BC until now, concrete has been used to make buildings, roads, bridges, canals, patios, sidewalks, driveways, and even furniture. Why are concrete products so popular? Probably because ,apart from being incredibly versatile, concrete is also strong, durable, and able to withstand a lot of what we throw at it on a regular basis.

Even though it’s really strong, it’s not completely indestructible. How long your concrete lasts depends on a number of factors—but you can tip the balance in your favour. Here’s how:

Proper Installation

Good concrete begins with a good installation, and that means trusting experienced and knowledgeable concrete companies with the job.

A professional company with expertise in concrete knows exactly what kind of mix will be best suited to what you’re using it for. They’ll also know how to prepare it, pour it, and cast it for the absolute best results.

One of the best things about this material is that it actually get stronger over time—as long as it is installed properly, and it isn’t used too soon.

Concrete needs to cure for a certain amount of time (depending on the mix) for the best results. Overuse before it’s cured could drastically impair the integrity and lifespan of a concrete product, especially when it comes to roads.

Get It Sealed

As concrete cures, it releases moisture, leaving vulnerable points where moisture can re-enter. Sealants are special concrete products that coat and protect it against moisture, chemicals, and the elements. Different sealants use different chemical formulas to achieve different effects, but acrylics are typically the most common.

For a high-traffic area, such as a driveway, patio, or sidewalk, having the concrete sealed once every 1 – 3 years will help keep your concrete product in good shape and reduce the effects of wear-and-tear that could be exacerbated by moisture penetration.

Regular Maintenance

No matter how good care you take of something, nothing lasts forever. You can extend the life of your paving stones or driveway with special concrete products, but wear and tear can and will happen.

When they do, it’s time to call the professionals to help you do some maintenance work.

When you first have your concrete installed, be sure to note the type of mix used for your product. If your installation company doesn’t also do repairs or maintenance for you, you’ll have to let a contractor know what kind of mix was originally used, so they’ll know the best methods for filling in cracks and correcting other damage.

Follow these tips and you’ll get more years out of your concrete. If you’ve run into an issue not covered here, or want to know more about protecting your investment, contact your local concrete company.

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