The Importance Sand and Gravel in Our Lives

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A Look at The Importance of Sand and Gravel Aggregates and Their Many Uses

Sand and gravel is a large business, meeting the many demands for growing cities, from residential, commercial, and municipal construction, to paving roads and residential driveways. Sand and gravel aggregates have various uses, including being used for mixing cement materials, such as concrete, mortar, and plaster. Many construction projects couldn’t be completed well without the use of sand and gravel aggregates and our homes and cities wouldn’t be what they are today.

Sand and gravel pits and quarries are usually located near consumers since the cost of transporting these heavy materials is high. For convenience and ease of access, sand and gravel suppliers are often located near large and expanding urban areas, such as Ottawa. When long distance transportation of sand and gravel is needed, freighters and rail cars are often used. For businesses and residents in Ottawa, sand and gravel suppliers are located nearby to meet your construction project needs. The following is a look at where sand and gravel come from and their many uses.

Gravel Uses

Gravel is usually a product of glacial deposits, having been left behind as glaciers melted. Gravel is mined in quarries that are often located near urban centres. The most popular use of gravel on its own is to build gravel roads and driveways. Even to this day, gravel roads are more abundant than paved roads, especially in rural areas.

Sand Uses

Sand can also be found in quarries and in sand pits. Sand is often used for:

  • mortar,
  • molding,
  • sandlime brick,
  • building and paving sands,
  • drainage,
  • filters,
  • fertilizer fillers,
  • highways,
  • golf courses,
  • sand boxes in playgrounds, and
  • to treat icy roads and highways.

Sand and Gravel Aggregates

Sand and gravel aggregates are commonly used to mix concrete. Concrete is widely used for a variety of construction projects including road and highway building, pavement, foundations, and the construction of buildings. Concrete products include bricks, blocks, pipes, and decorative stone.

Sand and gravel aggregates are also used for: road bases and coverings, unpaved roads, fill, asphalt, and to control snow and ice.

With their many uses, sand and gravel are a special natural resource. Our homes, roads, buildings, and cities wouldn’t be what they are today without the use of sand and gravel. For more information on sand and gravel in Ottawa, contact your local sand and gravel suppliers.


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